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"When you left, a piece of my heart left too.

I carry a weight in my heart longing for the

sunshine you brought my world."

Honor a special loved one with a life saving memorial gift.

A pet is more than just an animal; they are members of our families. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is hard. What better way to honor a special loved one than helping other dogs that are in need.

After you donate please e-mail us a photo of your loved one or comment on the Rainbow Paws thread on Facebook. All photos are updated the Saturday following your donation.

Til we meet at the rainbow bridge ...


In loving memory of Kiwi & Killer. I didn't get to walk the stage because my daughter was sick. They were my biggest fans.

In the loving memory of my baby Butters and my guardian angel Shafin Ali. You will always remain in my heart and soul ♥️

In loving memory of Pepper 🐾❤️🐾

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