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Take a look at some of our lucky pups that have gone from no hope of a future to their forever families! We love what we do and are so thankful for those that open their hearts to help us!


"...and they lived

happily ever after."


Evelyn was set to be euthanized just minutes before we got to the shelter. She was heartworm positive and needed expensive treatment. Evelyn is now with her new family with endless love and hugs.

Lulu was a pregnant mama that was set to be euthanized. She was able to stay with her foster mama until time for puppies only to have a c-section. She raised her puppies and now lives a wonderful life with her new family. 

Zena was an older girl stuck in the shelter nervous and overlooked. She needed a little time to decompress and learn to trust again. She found the perfect home and is living like a queen.


Rita was abandoned at the shelter as a senior and at risk of euthanasia because of her age and being heartworm positive. Her foster mama learned she was a complete DIVA. She ended up stealing the heart of her foster mama and now has all the toys and snuggles she could every want! 


Hope was at a shelter that could not adopt her out due to breed restrictions. She stayed with an awesome foster family that quickly got her feeling better and ended up finding a family connected to her foster family!


Abe was in an overcrowded shelter due to a hoarding situation and was at risk of euthanasia. He quickly found a loving mom while being fostered!


Sweet Rosie was weak in her back legs and having trouble walking. Her paw pads were destroyed and she was not gaining any weight. She was set to be euthanized for the length of time at the shelter. Rosie found an amazing foster family that turned into her forever!


Maverick was a scared boy in an overcrowded shelter due to a large hoarding issue. He was able to come out of his shell with all the love from his foster mom and gain some weight with yummy treats!


Dollie was abandoned with 5 puppies and in the shelter and needed out desperately.  She and her puppies have all found amazing homes and are safe and happy!

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