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This poor mama was abandoned at the shelter in a cardboard box just hours after delivering NINE puppies. They were left to die and were given 24 hours for rescue placement. We could not watch this sweet mama and her babies die. An amazing team of volunteers rallied to gather supplies, transport and deliver them to their foster.

This family was in foster care for several months where they were bathed from being flea infested. Maddie was given probiotics to help her stomach adjust to a healthy diet. She was then given puppy food which is important for nursing moms with the higher protein giving her milk more nutrients for her growing babies. She remained on this diet until she was finished nursing. The pups were given dewormer at 4/6/8 weeks and vaccinated. At 4 weeks they were introduced to wet canned food and by 6 weeks of age they transitioned to dry puppy food. After weaning the pups momma Maddie was given heartworm and flea & tick prevention and was spayed after her milk dried up.


The cost of care for this family of ten was over $2,000. If the mom is heartworm positive the costs jump to $2,500. Sponsor a CRR litter today so we can save the momma dog that is abandoned at a shelter with her babies.


Happy reunion of Maddie with all of her puppies. You can help support another family and give them their happily ever after.

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